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Race equality and racist bullying

A resource folder.

The papers in this collection are to do with countering racist bullying in schools, within the wider contexts of promoting race equality and countering bullying more generally. They can be used as handouts in staff training sessions and discussions, and some can be incorporated into staff handbooks and local authority guidance documents. Also, some of them can be adapted into materials for use with learners in classrooms.

Most of the folder was compiled in connection with Anti-Bullying Week, November 2005. Later, following substantial consultation, the folder was revised and much expanded and was posted on the Teachernet website at the Department for Education and Skills.

To view the folder in its revised and expanded form, click here.

To view a set of papers for a staff training exercise on racist bullying and incidents in schools, click here.

To view an article about the materials in this folder, click here.

For fuller information about the Governments anti-bullying programme, and to download a copy of the national Anti-Bullying Charter, visit:

In its present form the folder is divided into five sections:

The first paper in the folder is in html. All the others are in pdf. In the list below, click on a papers title to go straight to it. There is also a link to each paper in paper 1.

Commentary and background

1. Commentary a guide to this folders contents

2. Report of a DfES conference, March 2005

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Learners voices memories, stories, perspectives

3. They used to call me names, by young people recalling their schooldays

4. I never had the chance to explain, by Giang Vo

5. Hostile corridors, by Nitin Sawney

6. What was there to say?, by Gary Younge

7. Metaphorically he was stabbing me, by Vocalis MC, Wain David Williams

8. My abiding memory is the racism, by Kwame Kwie-Armah

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Whole-school policies and procedures

9. Accountability and self-evaluation messages from Ofsted

10. Towards a framework for review

11. Racist bullying and other bullying differences and similarities

12. Recording and reporting a review of good practice

13. Rights-respecting schools an international perspective

14. Case-studies and examples

15. A holistic approach to incidents

16. Teaching about controversial issues

17. Concepts across the curriculum

18. Classroom activities

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Staff training

19. Overheard

20. Dealing with incidents

21. Notes on incidents

22. Events and perceptions over the decades

23. Developing a shared vocabulary

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24. Useful websites

25. Materials for learners

26. Messages from research

27. Bibliography

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