Insted - Tolerance, Equality, Difference

Tolerance, Equality, Difference

Insted - equality and diversity in education

In Support of Tolerance, Equality, Difference

About Insted

The Insted Ltd educational consultancy was founded by Angela Gluck in 1993.

In the period 1996–2011 its directors were Angela Gluck and Robin Richardson. Its specialis interests included antiracist education and Jewish education. It worked with schools, local authorities and government departments, and with the voluntary sector. It ceased formal operations in summer 2011.

Insted's website was set up in 2004 and contained materials developed in the period 2004-2011. It was then from time to time updated by Robin Richardson, and a blog entitled The Prose and the Passion was established at

During 2023 plans are being made to redesign and reorganise the website with a new name, and to add relevant material from the periods 1973–2004 and 2011–2023.