Insted - Tolerance, Equality, Difference

Tolerance, Equality, Difference

Insted - equality and diversity in education

In Support of Tolerance, Equality, Difference


A selection, 2003-2005

These texts are available to read in PDF format by clicking the links below:

pdf Global and Antiracist Perspectives in Education
Notes, memories and reflections from five decades

pdf Proud Songsters
Story in memory of an inspirational headteacher

pdf From Policorrectophobia towards Transformation
Teacher educators as agents of change

pdf From Section Eleven to Aiming High
Forty years of struggle and story

pdf Inclusion, Inclusion, Inclusion
Mental maps and great expectations

pdf Journeys to and from Curriculum English
Dust and heat along the way

pdf Looking Back, Looking Around
The university lecturer as modern saint

pdf Transforming School Leadership
Dont ask me, ask the donkey