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These texts are available to read in PDF format by clicking the links below:

pdf What now in education?
Memorandum for a party conference

pdfHas multiculturalism failed? (NEW)
Links to over 60 different articles or broadcasts connected with David Cameron’s speech in Munich in early February 2011. The themes include not only multiculturalism but also                         preventing violent extremism (PVE) and the place and role of Islam in modern Europe.

pdfNarrowing the Gaps and Black Achievement – a journey of improvement
Reflections on the national black achievement programmes, 2010

pdf Cohesion, Equalities and Difference – holding them together
Combining equality duties with the duty to promote community cohesion

pdf Islamophobia or anti-Muslim racism? – concepts and terms revisited
Discussion of semantics and of the changing nature of anti-Muslim prejudice

pdf Challenging the race relations consensus
The Runnymede Trust Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, some notes and memories

pdf Equality priorities and equality objectives – the Equality Act 2010, a cautious welcome
First thoughts on the new legislation

pdf Muslims, non-Muslims and the UK media
Introductory remarks at a press conference at City Hall, London, 13 November 2007

pdf The Search for Common Ground
Executive summary of a report commissioned by the Mayor of London, published 13 November 2007

pdf 'Islam' and 'The West'
Competing narratives in the UK media, text of a lecture at an international conference, April 2007

pdf How Dare They?
Islamophobia, the media and an educational resource, an article in the journal Race Equality Teaching, March 2007

pdf Getting Them Together
The equalities agenda in education, autumn 2007 and beyond, Race Equality Teaching, November 2007

pdf To BME or not to BME?
Questions and thoughts about lanuage, again, article in Race Equality Teaching,
autumn 2006

pdf 'Classrooms and corridors'
DfES advice on dealing with racist bullying.

pdf 'Our job now is compassion'
Professional and personal reflections in the wake of the London bombs.

pdf Talking and teaching about the war, 2003.
Written at the time of the invasion of Iraq.

pdf Confronting Islamophobia in education.
Handling conflicts and tensions; promoting positive British Muslim identities; developing whole-school policies.

pdf Belonging, identity and equality some classroom activities.
Summaries of about 40 separate activities, within the framework of the National Curriculum.

pdf Pakistani communities and identities in Britain.
Brief recollection of social, economic and cultural history.

pdf British Muslim identities pressures and choices for the young.
Discussions of madrasahs, family life, the street and fundamentalism.