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Multiculturalism, religion and national identity

Aspects of media coverage, 2005–2012

Introductory note

These selections of links refer to five significant episodes in recent history. The first selection refers to the Olympics and Paralympics in summer 2012. The next three were made in 2011 and refer respectively to David Cameron’s speech at Munich, the attacks in Norway and the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The last five were made in September 2005 and refer directly or indirectly to the 7/7 bombs in London.

pdf They made us nicer people – the Olympics and Paralympics, summer 2012

pdf Has multiculturalism failed? – David Cameron’s Munich speech

pdf The attacks in Norway, 2011

pdf Teaching and talking about 9/11, ten years on

pdf Multiculturalism - General discussions of the concept of a multicultural society; reports on various recent surveys; an entertaining quiz about Britishness; and several commentaries by politicians and journalists in July and August 2005.

pdf Religion in public and private life - Personal reflections on British Muslim identities; current debates, discussions and developments within Muslim communities; inter-faith dialogue and action.

pdf Islamophobia - Issues of definition and whether Islamophobia exists, and whether it is rightly seen as a form of racism; hate crimes in summer 2005 and hostility towards people of South Asian appearance.

pdf Aspects of fundamentalism - Aspects of definition; so-called Islamic or Islamist fundamentalism and its historical background; connections with terrorism.

pdf Implications for schools - Talking with children and young people about war and terrorism; classroom activities around multiculturalism, racism and identity; the development of whole-school policies.

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