Insted - Tolerance, Equality, Difference

Tolerance, Equality, Difference


Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia

Our Vision

The day will come when:

1. British Muslims participate fully and confidently at all levels in the political, cultural, social and economic life of the country.

2. The voices of British Muslims are fully heard and held in the same respect as the voices of other communities and groups. Their individual and collective contributions to wider society are acknowledged and celebrated, locally, regionally and nationally.

3. Islamophobic behaviour is recognised as unacceptable and is no longer tolerated in public. Whenever it occurs people in positions of leadership and influence speak out and condemn it.

4. Legal sanctions against religious discrimination in employment and service delivery are on the statute book and offences aggravated by religious hostility are dealt with severely.

5. The state system of education includes a number of Muslim schools, and all mainstream state schools provide effectively for the pastoral, religious and cultural needs of their Muslim pupils. The range of academic attainment amongst Muslim pupils and students is the same as for the country generally.

6. The need of young British Muslims to develop their religious and cultural identity in a British context is accepted and supported.

7. Measures to tackle social and economic deprivation, unemployment and neighbourhood renewal are of benefit to Muslims as to all other communities.

8. All employers and service providers ensure that, in addition to compliance with legal requirements on non-discrimination, they demonstrate high regard for religious, cultural and ethnic diversity.

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